D.E.I. and Justice

Entomological Society of America's Committee on D&I

In November 2020, I became the Entomological Society of America's North Central Branch representative on the Committee for Diversity and Inclusion. I am brand new to this position and am still learning the ropes/figuring out to affect change. If you have suggestions and/or are an ESA member, please reach out to me through the Contact Page.

To learn more about the committee, please visit: https://www.entsoc.org/about_esa/diversity-and-inclusion

Pictured left to right: Jacki Whisenant, Taylor Tai, Jade Kochanski, and Skye Harnsberger posing in front of the posters in the Department of Entomology's seminar room in Russell Labs.

Welcoming Workspaces

My fellow M.S. students and I worked with Liz Kozik, a scientific illustrator and UW-Madison Arboretum Art Fellow, to illustrate diverse and influential UW-Madison entomologists and their contributions to our field. This was the first project of our Welcoming Workspaces initiative. We aim to create a welcoming and inclusive learning and work environment for all and actively combat the damage of "dude walls" in order to foster a sense of belonging for all identities. Stay tuned for future projects!

To see full digital copies of each poster, please visit this link: go.wisc.edu/diverse-entomology

To learn more about the artist, Liz Kozik, visit her website: https://liz.kozik.net/

That's not all!

There is a lot more to tell you all about. I'm working on writing it up! :)